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Gift fo SUGauthor

Gift fo SUGauthor

What Is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa 2k16 is the TENTH Secret Santa event held right here on SmackJeeves, and event where users make anonymous gifts for one another in the form of a custom image. Secret Santa was started by Trebor in 2006, and dutifully continued throughout the years by an every changing cast of dedicated SmackJeevers, noble contributors who've kept the tradition alive year after year with the intent of spreading good cheer and bringing the community together! It was in 2010 that the mysterious figure of Smack Santa came on the scene as a guiding hand, to rally organizers to do the amazing work of setting up the event and seeing it to it's conclusion! Of course the other most important component of this event are the beautiful and thoughtful gifts the users create for each other every year, it's that spirit of giving that drives this event in the first place. So with all of that in mind let's work together to make this, the Smack Jeeves Secret Santa Tenth Anniversy, as joyous and succesful as we have every year for a decade now!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Secret Santa '16! Comics coming soon!

Posted by Sonic-ock @ December 3rd, 2016, 3:53 pm
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